Konstantin Mitgutsch

tumblr_inline_n0vvtjUgNW1qzcxu3 Keynote Lecture on Samstag/Saturday, 13.09. 16:00

Playographies. Meaningful Experiences in Imaginary Worlds

Konstantin Mitgutsch is a thinker, game design consultant, life and career coach and lecturer in the field of learning, play and personal development. At the present he works as an independent coach and consultant in Vienna and as a Research Affiliate at the MIT GAME LAB at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

His work focuses on purposeful game design and learning processes and in particular on the role of perspective change and innovative forms of learning. In recent project he is consulting companies in purposeful game design projects and in meaningful forms of gamification iof non-game contexts. In his approach he combines novel insights into learning, with concepts of game creation and systematic counseling methods.

Dr. Mitgutsch did his coaching training at the Co-Active Coaching Institute (CTI) in Boston and works with international clients on their personal and professional development. In his coaching he uses innovative and playful tools to explore new potentials of people in all areas of their lives (click here more information).

Konstantin Mitgutsch studied Media Education and Philosophy of Education at the University of Vienna and the Humboldt University Berlin and earned a MA in Education Science, Sociology, Media Studies and Philosophy (2003) and a Ph.D. in 2009. He is participating as an expert member for the Austrian Federal Office for the Positive Assessment of Computer and Console Games and is on the expert council of the Pan European Game Information (PEGI). Since 2007 he organizes the annual Vienna Games Conference FROG.

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